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Bet Tzedek Legal Services

  • Funded by union-backed National Employment Law Project
  • Funded by progressive foundations such as the Spero Charitable Foundation, the Samuel & Helene Soref Foundation, and the Jones Day Foundation
  • Employee accusations of labor law violation: 
    • “Do not be fooled by Bet Tzedek’s service to the community; they are a business and pay the attorneys peanuts while management reaps the pay and bonuses for results of the staff they “supervise”… Although there is a union, management and leadership constantly work against it and avoid any admissions of mistake or wrong doing.” 
    • “Degradation of staff, their time, their worth, and their mental health in favor of creating new six-figure management positions and playing hardball with the union out of sheer spite.” 
    • “[T]heir Employment Rights Project fights injustices in the workplace for its clients, yet Bet Tzedek’s management engages in some of those same injustices with its own staff.”
  • Accused of multiple NLRB labor law violations:

  • Accused of California labor law violation:

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